A.C. – H.V.A.F. Arc System

A.C. – H.V.A.F. Arc System



Principle of Operation

The HVAF-ARC system produces dense and finely structured coatings from solid and cored wire stock. The TSR300H gun employs an electric arc for wire fusion and HVAF jet for atomization and acceleration of fused particles. The spray head, which is the size of a conventional arc head, includes a toroidal combustion chamber atomizer surrounding wire tips. A hot catalytic insert activates air-fuel combustion and makes it stable within an extremely short chamber. Exhaust gases are directed into the arc zone. The resultant high velocity jet atomizes molten material, accelerates particles, and propels them toward the substrate where they form a coating. This jet is low in oxygen content and protects the liquid metal from oxidation in the arc zone.


Tough Low Porosity Coatings

Dense, very fine structured coatings with even distribution of elements and phases are formed due to the atomization of spray wires to extremely fine particles, their acceleration to high velocities, and in-flight protection against oxidation. While this is beneficial to all sprayed materials, the Model TSR300H gun demonstrates exceptional performance while spraying cored wires. Hard-face coatings of such wires exhibit improved resistance to erosive and abrasive wear, and in many applications they can replace hard chrome plating.