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The Plasma Jet Ltd was founded in 1990 and has an industrial scientific profile.

The Company puts together aviation industry technicians with large experience in scientific investigation and industrial developments of Thermal Spray Coatings ( TSC).

TSC is a group of processes in which finely divided metallic and nonmetallic particles are deposited in a molten or semimolten condition to form a coating. The coating material may be in the form of powder or wire. The energy source can be combustion or electricity.

Flame Spray Coating can be:

  • LVOF
  • HVOF
  • HVAF
  • D-Gun

Thermal Spray using electricity as energy source can be:

  • Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS)
  • Arc Spray
  • Cold Spray
  • Plasma Spray by induction
  • Plasma transferred arc (PTA)

Our company is located in the industrial zone Magurele – ILFOV. At present Plasma Jet has the latest generation of all kind of equipments for Thermal Spray Coating. The technology of the thermal spray process was developed in the aircraft industry.

In the TSC process we use an KUKA KR 150 robot with 6 degrees of freedom which permits a repeatability of 100%.


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