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Metallization Plasma Jet - Romania

Plasma Jet SRL was founded in 1990 and has an industrial scientific profile. The company unites aviation industry technicians with extensive experience in scientific research and industrial development of Thermal Spray Coating (T.S.C.). In this part of the world, Plasma Jet is the only company that owns and applies all T.S.C processes. The coating (metallization) by thermal spraying comprises processes in which finely dispersed metal / nonmetallic particles are sprayed onto a substrate, in the form of a melt or semi-melt, to form a coating. The material to be sprayed may be in the form of powder or wire. The energy used for melting the material may be electrical or combustion.

Plasma Jet Romania

1. Metallization by the combustion flame comprises:

  • LVOF = low speed flame metallisation
  • HVOF = oxygen-fuel (gas or liquid) metallisation with supersonic speed 2.200-2.500  m/s
  • HVAF = air-fuel flame metallisation with supersonic speed 2,000-2,200 m/s
  • D-Gun = thermal spraying in the supersonic flame produced by a detonation gun

2. Metallization by thermal spray using electricity as an energy source comprises:

  •  Atmospheric Plasma Spray metallization (APS)
  • Electric Arc metallization (EA)
  • Cold spray
  • Induction Plasma Metallization
  • Plasma Transferred Arc metallization (PTA)
  • Atmospheric Plasma Spraying metallization (APS)


What is thermal spraying (metallization)?

It is a type of surface process engineering that consists of coating a support substrate with a material to improve physical properties.

Oh, is that then a type of welding?

Well, it is closer to painting, only that the surface coating is made with fused materials such as ceramics, carbides, cermets, ferrous or non-ferrous alloys, etc. There is no surface alloying between the deposited material and the substrate.

Does the nature of substrates limit this type of application?

There are very few materials that can not be coated by thermal spray (metallization), such as ice, wax, rubber, etc.

Do these processes require special preparation of the surfaces before application?

Usually the parts are degreased and blasted before metallization.

What materials can be deposited by metallization?

Any material available in the form of wire or powder, as long as he does not sublimate

What is Sublimation?

Passing from solid state directly into the gaseous state by heating

What types of metallization does Plasma Jet make?

Plasma jet applies all thermal spraying processes (metallization), owns all types of specific equipment existing in the world at this time.

Ooo, then I have many questions for you!

You are not the only one, you can see the “Frequently Asked Questions” chapter, watch the movies here: Plasma Jet

Plasma Jet is equipped with all types of installations for metallization

Plasma Jet has all the latest generation of equipment needed for the thermal spray coating process. The application technology of thermal spraying processes comes from the aviation industry.

In the thermal spraying process we use a KUKA KR 150 robot. For a better understanding of T.S.C processes, watch the videos posted in “Video Documentation”

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